Negotiators not only didn’t blink, they didn’t even see each other. “There are no negotiations taking place at this time between CBS and Time Warner Cable,” CBS says — and none are scheduled yet. “This is hardly a sign that they care about their customers as they claim. We remain ready to negotiate in good faith when they are.” TWC says that talks are “ongoing,” but declined to be more specific. The impasse leaves TWC customers in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and elsewhere where they were on Friday night when negotiations over the price TWC pays for CBS services collapsed: Subscribers aren’t receiving their local CBS-owned stations, and all TWC subscribers can’t see CBS-owned cable networks including Showtime. TWC began to offer Starz Kids & Family in the channel positions normally occupied by the CBS O&Os. Both companies continued their campaigns urging people to pressure the other side to relent. A CBS newspaper ad says “it’s unfair for you to pay Time Warner Cable for CBS and not get your CBS programs.” TWC chief Glenn Britt said in a blog post that he wants to “put CBS back on the air at a price that makes sense for us and our customers.”