UPDATE, 10:18 AM: News junkies can relax. The New York Times is back up on the Web after what it says was “a server issue” that knocked out the news and corporate sites for about two hours. During the outage the paper turned to Facebook to post its coverage of the state of emergency in Egypt. Fox Business says that it’s told that the site was hit by a cyber attack and that officials have been “huddling with outside security professionals to assess the threat.”

PREVIOUS, 8:42 AM: The news and corporate sites — but not the mobile application — are off and Fox Business says that a source tells it that the paper is “under cyber attack.” But the Times says that the outage “is the result of an internal issue, which we expect to be resolved soon.” One Times employee tweets that “we’re hearing that a malfunctioning system patch somehow brought down the site and email.” New York Times Digital was the No. 34 top Web property in June with 30.6M unique visitors, comScore says.