Watching movies on opening night from the privacy of your own home just got a little bit bigger as PRIMA Cinema announced today a deal with Millennium Entertainment to offer their film in-house so to speak. So if you have the $35,000 to buy their device that offers rentals of film the day they debut, you’re set. Here’s the release:

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PRIMA Cinema, the first and only way to watch first run theatrical films on opening night right from the comfort of private theaters, announces a new partnership with Millennium Entertainment to provide opening day access to many upcoming releases starring some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Millennium joins Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Magnolia Pictures and Cinedigm as a PRIMA Cinema studio partner, committed to making films available for opening weekend private theater viewing through this industry-leading entertainment system.

Through the partnership with Millennium Entertainment, PRIMA Cinema will offer its customers the ability to throw red carpet premieres with family and friends for widely distributed films including the animated family feature Khumba starring the voices of Liam Neeson, Steve Buscemi, Laurence Fishburn and Anna Sophia Robb; and Stuck in Love starring Jennifer Connelly, Kristen Bell, Greg Kinnear, and Logan Lerman.

“We are thrilled to welcome a respected studio partner as Millennium Entertainment to PRIMA Cinema and look forward to sharing an exciting roster of films and extremely talented actors with our members,” says PRIMA Cinema CEO Jason Pang. “It’s a win for everyone, as PRIMA Cinema Members receive more films and Millennium Entertainment has access to a new revenue stream.”

“PRIMA customers now have a VIP pass to enjoy more top Hollywood films in their own private theater at the same time they play in local theaters” explains PRIMA Cinema CEO Jason Pang.

Millennium Entertainment President Steve Nickerson concurs, stating “this agreement allows Millennium Entertainment to reach a new customer base through PRIMA Cinema, and we are excited about our future partnership.  Additionally, PRIMA Cinema allows us to create a new distribution channel for our films.”

This marks a key milestone for PRIMA Cinema, which now offers access to even more blockbuster films, as well as select premium content.  PRIMA Cinema has given its members opening day private theater access to Hollywood box office hits including Despicable Me 2, Fast & Furious 6, 2Guns, The Bourne Legacy, The Purge and Identity Thief.  PRIMA Cinema has offered popular independent films including Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom as well as Sundance and Cannes award winners.