Time Warner’s CEO says that it’s much more likely that pay TV will start to offer smaller bundles of channels, instead of selling them individually. And that’s OK with him: His Turner Broadcasting channels and HBO “would be highly likely to be in any package that anybody would create.” And if cable and satellite companies lower the price for a basic subscription, then it “would make HBO more affordable.” So even though he doubts that the current system of bundles will break up soon, “if it does it will probably happen in a way that helps us.” The entertainment giant has been talking with companies that want to offer pay TV channels via the Internet. He says he doesn’t know what Intel is “going to do, or whether they’re going to do” anything while Apple is a company “we talk to all the time.” But even though he’s “not philosophically opposed” to Internet competition to traditional pay TV, “we don’t see it being viable through any of the usual suspects yet.” Bewkes adds that he isn’t terribly worried about people pirating some of his hits, since it builds word-of-mouth interest. “Game Of Thrones is the most pirated show in the world. That’s better than an Emmy.”