New York, August 14, 2013 – The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today announced the nominees for the 2013 Current Affairs and News categories. Winners will be announced in New York on October 1, at a Ceremony at the Frederick P. Rose Hall of Jazz at Lincoln Center. The international winners will be honored alongside their American news and documentary counterparts. The 8 Nominees span 5 countries, Brazil, Germany, Romania, The Philippines and The United Kingdom. GMA Network (The Philippines) and TV Globo (Brazil) are nominated in both categories. Click over for the full list:

The 2013 International Emmy® Awards Current Affairs & News Nominees:


Banaz: An Honour Killing
Hardcash Productions, Fuuse Films for ITV
United Kingdom
This film chronicles an act of overwhelming horror – the brutal ‘honour’ killing of Banaz Mahmod, a young British Kurdish woman in suburban London. Banaz was murdered and raped by her own family, with the agreement and help of a large section of her own community, because she tried to choose a life for herself.

Globo Reporter – Enawenê-nawê – The spirit-men
TV Globo
For a whole month, TV Globo followed the Enawenê-Nawê, a tribe of 640 natives living in isolation in the Amazon forest. They believe themselves to be the guardians of the balance between man and nature, and their ritual involves building dams to capture fish given as offerings to the spirits. In recent years, however, new hydro power plants have made the fish disappear. Without food and offerings, Enawenê-nawê culture is under threat.

I-Witness – Alkansiya (Piggy Bank)
GMA Network
Journalist Kara David travels to the far-flung Barangay of Sulangan in Eastern Samar to meet 12-year-old Anthony. Anthony has already mastered hard work; he sets out early to catch fish, and his afternoons are spent collecting seashells. But the toughest task is done at night, when Anthony dives and scours the seabed to search for a sea creature used in Chinese recipes and traditional medicine, the sea cucumber. In exchange for his hard work, Anthony is rewarded with a measly income.

ZDFzoom – The Fukushima Lie
ZDF German Television
‘The Fukushima Lie’ was partly shot in the no-entry zone of the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant. The disaster was a man-made catastrophe rather than the result of the magnitude 9 earthquake which was followed by a devastating Tsunami. Through interviews with key players such as former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, nuclear engineers, and former bureaucrats, the conclusion is reached that money might have been placed before safety, causing the meltdown.


24 Oras (24 Hours) – Typhoon Pablo
GMA Network
’24 Oras’ covered the world’s deadliest natural disaster in 2012: Typhoon Pablo. The news teams capture the anguish and pain that the locals had to go through after the devastation brought by the typhoon. The coverage of the storm also served as a catalyst for public debate regarding the effectiveness of the country’s emergency preparedness.

Channel 4 News: The Battle for Homs
ITN / Channel 4 News
United Kingdom
In early February, Syrian forces started shelling Homs. The few images coming out of the conflict zone were grainy video and mobile phone pictures. The few independent journalists who were there, like Marie Colvin and Mani, were trapped. Mani managed to get out just before Marie was killed. Channel 4 covered these breaking news events as they unfolded in Syria.

Jornal Nacional – Collapse in Rio
TV Globo
On January 25, 2012 the collapse of three buildings in downtown Rio de Janeiro mobilized hundreds of rescue workers. Crews witnessed impressive scenes, survivors’ tales, and the dramatic search for news of loved ones. The disaster became an example of how careless building renovation can end in tragedy. Twenty-two people died in the accident.

ProTV News – Romania Buried in Snow
One of the cruelest winters in the last 50 years caused serious damage to homes in Romania. ProTV News reporters interview people whose homes and livelihoods were affected by the massive snowfall.