Georgeville Television, the independent TV studio co-founded by Motion Picture Capital, the financing arm of Reliance Entertainment, and producer Marc Rosen, announced its arrival in May 2012 with the NBC series Crossbones. It was the first project for the new company, which was to co-produce the direct-to-series drama with Universal Television and Parkes/MacDonald. More than a year later, Crossbones has been scheduled and is gearing for production with John Malkovich as the lead. But Georgeville is no longer part of it. I hear the company was supposed to co-finance the series with Universal TV, which has now taken over as sole financier. Additionally, I hear Georgeville may have also departed the two greenlighted series by Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade’s upcoming Comcast cable network El Rey, which Georgeville was to finance through its three-year, six-series deal at the emerging network targeting Hispanics: a series version of Rodriguez’s and Quentin Tarantino’s feature From Dusk Till Dawn and a Latino James Bond series from Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci. Sources close to Georgeville dispute that assessment, stressing that the situation is “fluid” and that the company is still in talks for potentially backing From Dusk Till Dawn,  but I hear from sources close to El Rey that the network already has secured alternative financing, mostly drawing on the projects’ appeal in Latin America, and is ready to proceed with the two series without Georgeville. The impression I got from talking to people involved with the NBC and El Rey series is that Georgeville did not appear very engaged. That could be attributed to some disillusionment Georgeville brass may have had with the role of strict TV financier who doesn’t have a say in the creative and budget aspects of a show.

That is one of two avenues Georgeville TV has been pursuing, the other being originating and selling its own shows that the company is in control and own the rights of. In the other area, I hear Georgeville is nearing a series order at Xbox for its reboot of the cult British sci-fi series Blake’s 7. The project, which has Martin Campbell attached, was originally set up at Syfy. I hear negotiations are underway for Blake’s 7 to land at Xbox as one of the service’s first original series. (The company also has a Halo series in the works with Steven Spielberg and his Amblin TV.) Additionally, Georgeville is in serious contention for a pilot order at Amazon with Chris Carter’s thriller The After. While the focus is currently on self-generated product, Georgeville TV is not closing the door to pure financing, though there is nothing in that vein on the horizon.