Howard Kurtz‘s new Sunday examine-the-media show MediaBuzz will debut September 8 at 11 AM ET, Fox News Channel announced this morning. Kurtz, who previously hosted CNN’s Reliable Sources, from 1998 until this past June, will examine media bias on the new program, FNC said today. He will also dissect “news events of the current and previous weeks, and will also analyze how social media has evolved and the effect it has had throughout the industry, including the stories that are most popular over the various social networks and how pundits use those mediums to deliver their specific narrative.”

Kurtz came under scrutiny in early May when what he characterized as “sloppy” reporting on NBA player Jason Collins got him canned from his gig as D.C. bureau chief for Daily Beast and Newsweek. The incident also triggered an internal review at CNN, with Kurtz ultimately keeping his job, after being grilled about the incident by other media pundits on his own program during which he apologized for the error. He left CNN in June to join FNC.

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Kurtz’s new show will feature interviews with journalists and commentators, as had his previous. Additionally, the program will feature Bing Pulse, provided by Bing technology, which will display real-time reactions to the different segments throughout the show. Kurtz will be joined by Lauren Ashburn, Daily Download editor in chief, as a contributor to the program.

Prior to joining Daily Beast, Kurtz spent 29 years at The Washington Post, becoming its media reporter in 1990, writing the popular, weekly, Media Notes column. Kurtz is the author of five books, including Media Circus, Reality Show and the New York Times bestseller Spin Cycle.