All of the major cable, satellite, and telephone company video providers are accounted for following Q2 reports today from Charter and Dish Network. And they show that the collective number of pay TV customers declined by 380,000, a drop of 0.3% vs this time last year. That may look tiny. But independent analyst Craig Moffett, first out of the gate with his analysis of the quarter’s subscription trends, says it’s important because household formation was better than it was a year ago. “Cord cutting used to be an urban myth,” he says. “It isn’t any more. No, the numbers aren’t huge, but they are statistically significant.” Indeed, he says that over the last 12 months about 911,000 homes cut the cord vs 258,000 in the year that ended this time in 2012. That tells him that “the pace is accelerating.” Cable and satellite companies were hit hardest. Cable operators lost 591,000 customers in the quarter. DirecTV and Dish were down 162,000. Some of their losses represent shifts to Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse, which together gained 373,000 subs.