Cinedigm acquired the North American distribution rights to Adventures Of The Penguin King, a documentary produced by Atlantic Productions that tracks the exploits of one King Penguin. The film was shot entirely in 4K 3D, and Cinedigm is planning a multi-platform release this winter. The film follows Rex–a King Penguin voiced by Tim Allen–starting as a young King Penguin living near the remote island of South Georgia also known as “Penguin City,” a sub-Antarctic habitat that plays host to leopard and elephant seals, albatrosses, and six million penguins. After years at sea as a bachelor, Rex’s adventure begins when he ventures to start a family. “King Penguins are surprisingly expressive, full of character, and despite the harsh realities of filming for five months in the remote Antarctic, we were able to capture a moving and irresistibly comic story of one penguin’s challenge to find a mate and raise a chick,” said producer Anthony Geffen.