UPDATE, 10:40 AM: The private dinner that was off the White House schedule Tuesday night was revealed this morning. President Obama and Jeffrey Katzenberg had dinner last night, the White House has confirmed. The dinner came after Obama taped his sixth appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night. The DreamWorks Animation CEO was a major contributor to Obama’s reelection campaign and other Democrats last year. He was not among the moguls present at the big bucks fundraiser at former News Corp No. 2 and now independent producer Peter Chernin’s house that Obama attended during his last trip to LA in early June.

Read the edited Pool Report here:

Press Secretary Jay Carney tells pool that POTUS had dinner with “his longtime friend, Jeffrey Katzenberg,” the CEO of DreamWorks, last night in Los Angeles. The two dined alone at POTUS’s hotel, the Hilton Woodland Hills.The two dined in POTUS’s hotel room. POTUS paid. The White House did not release information about POTUS’s plans last night despite questions from pool.

PREVIOUSLY, 6:19 PM: This was President Obama’s 6th visit to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno today. After the pre-taped interview, the President will be having a private dinner with Hollywood supporters while in town, sources say. Officially nothing is on the White House schedule. “Private is the key word,” said one insider.