ABC News says it has reopened a bureau in Beirut, Lebanon. Alexander Marquardt, who covers the region for the network, will be based there. The Beirut bureau is in addition to ABC’s bureau in Jerusalem. Peter Jennings opened ABC’s first Beirut bureau 45 years ago; ABC News closed the bureau in the early 1990s. With the Obama administration weighing a response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons, ABC News said its London-based Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran will report from Beirut for all broadcasts and platforms beginning today. This marks Moran’s first assignment since moving overseas. Meanwhile, ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, who anchored the news division’s Sunday Beltway show This Week from Cairo last Sunday, continues to report from the region along with Muhammad Lila, ABC News explained, and Matt Gutman will be reporting from the northern Israeli city of Haifa. “Beirut was a city Peter Jennings made his own. So it’s fitting – and timely – that ABC News is returning to a place that is one of the best listening posts in the Middle East,” Jon Williams, managing editor of international news, said in this morning’s announcement. NBC News notes it’s had a bureau there since 2006.