For me, the hallowed ground horror movies are John Carpenter‘s Halloween, Jonathan Demme‘s The Silence Of The Lambs, Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, William Friedkin‘s The Exorcist, and especially Night Of The Living Dead. George Romero’s atmospheric original created the template for the contemporary zombie, and I always thought it would be very difficult to follow in the lumbering footsteps of George’s army of flesh eaters with a remake.

Well, get ready for what is being called a 3D re-imagining of the classic. Simon West Productions, and the Graphic Film Company, in association with 2020 Entertainment and Indus Media and Entertainment, have set Bollywood actor R. Madhavan (his films include 3 IDIOTS, 13B, and TANU WEDS MANU) to star in Night Of The Living Dead: Origins 3D. It’s being directed by Zebediah De Soto and co-written by De Soto, Warren Davis II and David Reuben Schwartz. The film will also star Candyman‘s Tony Todd, Tom Sizemore, Danielle Harris, Sarah Habel, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Bill Mosley, and Joseph Pilato, a cast with plenty of B movie cred. West, Jib Polhemus, Gus Malliarodakis and Matty Mangone-Miranda of the Graphic Film Company, Paresh Ghelani of 2020 Entertainment, and Naveen Chathappuram and Charles Leslie of Indus Media and Entertainment are producing. Meyers Media Group is handling all international rights.

Is it right to try and update Romero’s classic? Well, Zack Snyder did a great job putting a contemporary spin (giving zombies sprinter speed) on the remake of Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead, and most every horror classic has been redone or ripped off. At least this one has a storyline different storyline than Romero’s 1968 B&W masterpiece. Here, a group of survivors fighting barricade themselves in an abandoned New York apartment building when the zombie plague breaks out. It’s being shot in a CG setting using stereoscopic 3D, which, its makers suggest, becomes a hybrid of graphic novel and traditional animation.

Producer and CEO of 2020 Entertainment, Paresh Ghelani, says, “It’s great to help introduce American audiences to what the many fans of Bollywood films have known for years. Madhavan is a huge dynamic talent.”

Producer Simon West adds, “This movie represents a whole new way of visualizing the classic zombie genre. It has a fresh and exciting style that sets it apart from all other horror films seen up until now.”

What do we think of this? I am whining, but I see just about every zombie movie that comes along, and will probably be there if this makes it to theaters.