EXCLUSIVE: WME has signed Ilya Naishuller, the writer-director whose spring release of his short film Bad Motherfucker, a first-person POV filled with violence and mayhem, got nearly 23 million YouTube and Vimeo hits. The short caught the eye of fellow Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmembatov. That led to Naishuller’s current feature project Hardcore, a first-person POV action film with sci-fi elements that has Sharlto Copley set to star. Bekmembatov is producing along with Naishuller, Katia Kononeko and Inga Vainshtein. Besides filmmaking, the Russia-born, English-educated Naishuller is also the frontman of the punk band Biting Elbows. Their music appears in Bad Motherfucker. He continues to be repped by Inga Vainshtein of IV Management. Here is his short film: