The Writers Guild of America West saw total earnings rise by 4.0% in 2012 to $1.02 billion, the organization said today in its annual report. Even though the total number of writers’ reporting earnings dipped from 2011’s 4,558 to 4,510 in 2012, the earnings were up from the $982 million the Guild reported in 2011. The WGAW itself ended the year with net assets of $39 million and an operating surplus of $4.5 million based on revenues of $28.8 million. In the 29-page 2012 report (read it here), the Guild says that $4.5 million came from a 10.1% growth in total revenue in 2012, in part due to an increase in writer’s pay in TV and investment gains. In TV, the number of writers rose from from 3,429 in 2011 to 3,508 in 2012 with total earnings reported at $667.2 million. On the big screen, total earnings slipped 6.1% to $343 million from $365.3 million in 2011 with fewer films made. The 2011 screen result was down 8.5% from 2010, which itself fell 9.1% from the year before. Overall residuals collected by the Guild were up 5.7% over 2011 to an all-time high of $348.67 million with the biggest single increase from the likes of Netflix and Hulu which went up from $4.21 million in 2011 to $11.26 million in 2012.