BREAKING… UPDATED: The announcement was made at the conclusion of The Walking Dead‘s world premiere trailer (see it below) for Season 4 just shown at Comic-Con. AMC will premiere the new season of its zombie drama October 13 at 9 PM. “Things are going to get crazier,” promised exec producer Robert Kirkman of the series’ fall return, which sees the survivors thrown together and hunkered down inside the prison. Andrew Lincoln’s Rick will find himself in a new emotional state after going sociopath last season. “He’s trying to repress his brutality and he’s renounced quite a number of responsibilities in terms of the leadership, for the sake of his children,” said Lincoln.

The panel’s sprawling lineup led by Kirkman and new showrunner Scott Gimple went deep into discussion of the emotional toll survival has taken on The Walking Dead‘s living. “No one goes unscathed,” remarked Chad Coleman who added that “eventually, a can of whoopass might be opened.” Even David Morrissey, whose villainous Governor ended last season with a brutal bloodbath, empathized with the pressures weighing on his character’s mind. “At the end of last season he was in a very dark place,” he said, drawing fans’ laughter with the understatement of the hour. “He went after all but two of his people. He didn’t kill them all! Give him a break.”The network has ordered 16 episodes   to air in two eight-episode parts: the second installment will kick off in February 2014. Following the season premiere will be the third-season debut of AMC’s live aftershow Talking Dead, which drew a series-high 5.5 million viewers to its finale last season. The Walking Dead this year became the the first original cable series to end the broadcast TV season as the No. 1 show in the 18-49 demo, and the Season 3 finale April 1 drew a series-high 12.4 million viewers, 8.1 million in the demo.

Here’s the trailer: