Ryan Kwanten Truth in Journalism VenomFirst unveiled at Comic-Con, the 17-minute short Truth in Journalism is scoring with the geek crowd after debuting online today with a Marvel-ous twist. Filmmaker Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) tapped his Knights of Badassdom star Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) for the faux cinema verite pic, which is shot through the lens of a foreign docu crew shadowing a reporter from crime scene to crime scene a la 1992’s Man Bites Dog. That reporter is Eddie Brock, a name that should perk up comic book fanatics’ ears. (Hint: Topher Grace played the fan fave Venom in Sony’s Spider-Man 3.)

The original concept was conceived by producer Adi Shankar (The Grey, Dredd), then fleshed out by writer-director Lynch to include painstaking details from the Marvel comics universe. Those include crafting a NYC circa 1988 setting with a fan’s scrutiny for details, including references from “Amazing Spider Man #299-300 and some very iconic buildings in the background if you look very closely,” Lynch tells me. He shot with DP Will Barratt on the RED recreating the 16mm look and feel of Man Bites Dog. “This was totally for fun, a way to just do ‘one for us’ with little to no interference,” says Lynch, whose Knights of Badassdom is being released by EOne – without his involvement – after languishing in post/distribution hell for two years.

Lynch is repped by Anonymous Content and is in Serbia prepping his next pic Everly, an action thriller starring Salma Hayek from Lynch’s Black List script by Yale Hannon. Truth in Journalism is produced by Shankar and Rainfall Films’ Sam Balcomb, who also acted as VFX supervisor. JC Tremblay, Billy Khoury, and Derek Mears co-star. Like Shankar’s previous short, Punisher: Dirty Laundry, Truth in Journalism is a fan film made outside of official Marvel Studios business. Check it out: