With television’s No. 1 network, CBS chief Les Moonves is one of the most confident-sounding execs in media. But Univision CEO Randy Falco sounded even more assured about his network’s popularity in a conference call with investors today. One asked whether he’s concerned that a pay TV operator might refuse to pay up to carry Univision’s Spanish-language stations after seeing CBS struggle to reach a deal with Time Warner Cable. “We have a different offering than CBS,” Falco says. “I’m sure they’re important to their viewers. But we are critically important…We have a closer tie to our Spanish-speaking audiences” than any English-language service has with its viewers. “Distributors agree with us.” The company underscored that by announcing that it has a retransmission agreement with Cox. That means it’s solid for now with six of the nine biggest pay TV distributors, which have agreed to carry Univision’s new networks. The exceptions are pretty significant, though: The company says it is still negotiating renewals with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Charter. Univision disclosed today that it generated $40.7M in net income in Q2, +28% vs the period last year, on revenues of $676.5M, +10.4%.