TruTV has ordered a third season of Impractical Jokers – the series in which four longtime friends take dares to crazy-stupid levels, judge each other’s performances, and subject the guy with the most fails to some mortifying punishment. It’s a show best seen — not described. Anyway, the network is finally jumping on after-show gravy train with this franchise, ordering six episodes of a series it’s cleverly calling the Jokers After Party. JAP will feature IP stars Q, Murr, Joe, and Sal as they chat about their favorite, most uncomfortable, and most humiliating moments from the series. The after-show will give viewers the rare opportunity to hear all about the “behind-the-scenes mishaps and awkward encounters that took place during shooting,” truTV said in today’s announcement. JAP also will feature never-before-seen outtakes. And, lest you forget, truTV wants you to know the second half of Impractical Jokers‘ season 2 starts on Thursday, August 1 at 10 PM.