The current agreements between Time Warner Cable and a pair of major content providers — CBS‘ owned and operated stations and Journal Communications — each expired at midnight ET Sunday. But in both cases extension agreements have been reached and negotiations are continuing, according to the pay TV giant. A Time Warner Cable spokesman said today that there haven’t been disruptions to service, as sometimes is the case if the sides want to ramp up the brinksmanship in such retransmission-consent negotiations. CBS’ carriage talks cover major local stations in LA, NY and Dallas as well Showtime and CBS Sports Network among the network’s cable offerings. Journal’s talks involve NBC viewers in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Palm Springs; CBS viewers in Omaha; and MyNetworkTV watchers in Green Bay and Palm Springs — a total of a little more than 500,000. The latter negotiations appear to be more heated, with back-and-forth between the two sides coming last week.