The point of NBC’s singing competition series The Voice is not to find a recording star, the show’s celebrity judges and host Carson Daly said, by way of dismissing a TV critic’s observation that the hit show had yet to turn one out. Things got tense during The Voice Q&A session at TCA Summer TV Press Tour 2013 when the celebrity judges and Daly seemed to take issue with having to take questions from TV critics in the room. When one critic asked about the show’s practice of bringing in ringers, Adam Levine called that critic a “shit stirrer.” Another critic wondered whether Levine could not be spontaneous on the show after last season saying “I hate this country” on national TV when two of his singers got the hook, and he had to issue a statement saying “I obviously love my country very much.”

“I think people can see through stupid media hype,” he shot back, adding later, “No offense.”

“None taken!” Daly jumped in, brightly. Daly’s the guy who first introduced the “we’re not looking for a star” motif into the conversation. The point of the show, he said, is that it’s an honor to be nominated. Fourth-season winner, Danielle Bradberry, “has eight years to figure it out, and in eight years she’ll be as old as Taylor Swift is today,” Daly said. Levine thinks “success” is overblown anyway, and that the goal of the competitors should be to pay their rent because, “We do it because we love music.”

“I guess the answer to the question is ‘I don’t know what the hell the question is’,” Levine concluded.