Saturday Night Live head writer Seth Meyers came to TCA Summer TV Press Tour 2013 this morning to plug Hulu’s first original animated comedy The Awesomes, which he co-created with Late Night With Jimmy Fallon EP Michael Shoemaker. The new series, produced by Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video, is about the greatest superhero team in history — after its A-listers bail and it has to re-staff with reject superheroes. You’ll recognize voices of SNL cast and alums including Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader, Emily Spivey, Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Rachel Dratch, and Paula Pell. Meyers, who will remain on SNL through the fall season (Fallon’s scheduled to replace Jay Leno on Tonight Show following the Winter Olympics in February) was asked how he’s juggling three gigs. “We’re in the very early stages on Late Night. More than anything else we’re staffing — we know how important it is to put together a strong staff of writers. I’ll go back to SNL in the fall and work there up until Late Night [debuts]. The nice thing about The Awesomes is that we’re pretty much through with the work on it, thankfully, because there’s going to be less and less time.”

Meyers said he will continue to anchor SNL’s “Weekend Update” until his exit from the show. “Ill stay at the desk until they get a new desk,” he joked. Critics seemed concerned about the number of SNL old-timers who’ve exited the show, and the huge rebuilding in store. But Meyers and Shoemaker insisted it was no bigger an overhaul than has occurred in seasons past and Meyers called it “really exciting,” adding, “I’m glad I’m going back the first half of the year.” Of the new cast members he explained, “we know the new people – we’re just introducing them to you”.