Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Will the new AMC drama Low Winter Sun do for Detroit what HBO’s The Wire did for Baltimore? That’s one of the chief questions looming for the dark, gritty and violent new 10-episode series that premieres August 11 at 10 PM following the Breaking Bad final season premiere. And of course, the show arrives during a particularly difficult time for Detroit, which last week filed for bankruptcy. The presumption is that a series focusing on the seamy underbelly of the city probably isn’t poised to build much in the way of civic pride for a metropolis that could use some right about now. But this afternoon at TCA, star Mark Strong — who uniquely also played the same role in the two-part British miniseries on which this American edition is based — observed that the location production has in fact been welcomed with open arms. “There’s a symbiotic relationship we have, really, because we’re shining a spotlight on the city during something of its darkest hour,” Strong said. “But the city really has made us feel right at home.” Added co-star Lennie James: “Detroit and its people shy away from the dark side of themselves. That helps a lot.”Too, exec producer Chris Mundy is flattered by any comparisons to the city-based vibe of The Wire. “If it’s ever said that we did for Detroit what The Wire did for Baltimore, it would just be the highest compliment,” he said. “I wouldn’t presume that we’re yet anywhere close to being mentioned in the same breath with that show, which I think is one of the best ever done for television.”

Low Winter Sun tells the story of a cop’s murder by a fellow Detroit detective and the impact it has on the lives of both the detective and those around him, with the city of Detroit itself cast as a character in the evolving drama.