Sundance Channel has assembled the international cast of its eight-part miniseries The Honourable Woman starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and directed by Hugo Blick. Joining Gyllenhaal is Stephen Rea (The Shadow Line) as Hugh Hayden-Hoyle — a top MI6 spy on the verge of retirement, digging deep into the family of Nessa Stein (Gyllenhaal). His bitter ex-wife Anjelica is played by Lindsay Duncan (The Hollow Crown). Janet McTeer (Damages) plays the Head of MI6 Julia Walsh, who has a personal hold over Hayden-Hoyle (Rea). Andrew Buchan (Broadchurch) will play Nessa Stein’s brother Ephra Stein — seemingly over-shadowed by his sister within the Stein family business. He is joined by Katherine Parkinson (Sherlock) as his highly strung pregnant wife Rachel Stein. British theatre and television actress Eve Best (Nurse Jackie) is Monica Chatwin, a key MI6 agent from the Washington Bureau – spoiling for a fight with her UK counterparts. Belgian actress Lubna Azbal (Incendies, Occupation, Paradise Now, Body Of Lies) plays Atika Halibi, nanny to Ephra and Rachel Stein’s two young daughters and close friend to Nessa. Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones) plays Nessa’s trusted personal body guard Nathaniel Bloom. Genevieve O’Reilly (Episodes) plays Nessa’s loyal personal assistant Frances. Israeli actor Igal Naor (300: Rise Of An Empire) plays Shlomo Zahary, a close long-time ally of the Stein family. Other cast includes: Martin Hutson, Nicholas Woodeson, Raad Rawi, Richard Katz, Philip Arditti, John Mackay, Rupert Frazer, Uriel Emil, Paul Herzberg, George Georgiou, Julia Montgomery-Brown, Marin McDougall, Aiden Stephenson, Tom Bateman, Amira Ghazalla, Hugh Ross and Stephen Boxer.

With a cast of nearly 100, The Honourable Woman is a co-production by Sundance Channel, Drama Republic and Blick’s Eight Rooks Productions. The production will shoot throughout the UK and Morocco to broadcast on Sundance Channel in the U.S. and BBC Two in the UK in 2014.