EXCLUSIVE: Style Media has signed a development deal with the guys behind the Twitter-to-Web series Sh*t Girls Say to take their wide-eyed, brunette star and have her explore the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In case you’ve been living under a flat rock: Sh*t Girls Say started out as a Twitter account poking fun at the way two guys — photographer-filmmaker-director Graydon Sheppard and writer/graphic designer Kyle Humphrey — observe women talking to friends, strangers, co-workers, and themselves. All comments come out of the mouth of the one girl — played by Sheppard. Humphrey drew the short straw and plays the boyfriend. First tweet: “Could you pass me that blanket?” debuted on April 7, 2011. Nearly 2 million Twitter followers, a four-episode web series with nearly 36 million views, one Sh*t Girls Say book, and thousands of parodies later, they’ve hooked up with Style and StyleNetwork.com — owned by NBCUniversal, and targeting women 18-49 “seeking to fuel their insatiable appetite for looking great and living stylishly.” (Style Network telecasts Tia & Tamera, Jerseylicious and Giuliana & Bill to 76 million subscribers).

“Even as she finds herself in outrageous comedic situations, ‘The Girl’ represents our core audience — a passionista who loves fashion and entertaining,” said Style’s SVP Original Programming and Development Sarah Weidman. Anyone else hoping “passionista” makes its way into the first episode?

Some Sh*t Girls Say fans may receive this news with trepidation, remembering back to when the popular Twitter feed Sh*t My Dad Says was discovered by Rob Corddry, then by The Daily Show, then the Hollywood cognoscenti, which led to a book deal and a CBS comedy series. CBS announced it would spell “shit” as “$#*!” in all printed material, and would say “Bleep” in promos, etc. William Shatner chewed a lot of scenery, and CBS canceled $#*! My Dad Says after one painful season. Some fans had already commended Sheppard and Humphrey for sticking to a web series and avoiding the temptation of traditional TV. Humphrey and Sheppard, repped by Mosaic and CAA, feel otherwise.