Word of mouth worked well for Syfy’s repeat of Sharknado! Thursday night — an average of 1.9 million viewers tuned in. That’s half a million more than watched the craptastic it’s-raining-sharks flick one week earlier. But it’s still not the mega-crowd you might have expected, given the social media frenzy that erupted over the flick’s premiere. Actually, to be perfectly accurate, it was the media frenzy over the social media reaction to the movie, which was on levels approaching the social media reax of Pretty Little Liars on a bad night. Except that, among those tweet was, OMG, it’s Damon Lindelof! And Greg Berlanti! And Mia Farrow!

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Anyway, just like the first time around, on Thursday viewers once again saw a tornado snatch up a mess of sharks — like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, only with sharper teeth – which made them so mad they began to attack adorable towheaded children and potential love interests of Ian Ziering. And so the weary day wore on, until Ziering decided he’d had enough, and used a chainsaw to disembowel one very big shark who spoke for all the flying sharks, and they all lived happily ever after.Especially the production house Asylum which reported that, thanks to The Reporters Who Cover Television’s hyperventilating over Lindelof and others who’d celebri-tweeted about Sharknado!, a major retailer who was not going to take the movie instead ordered three times the number of DVD’s they normally take for a movie. Seems Europe does not share our love of “creature movies,” which is why the retailer hesitated, but when they learned about the media hyperventilation, they threw caution to the wind and Asylum “sold it all over the place,” reports Wired magazine. Well played, Reporters Who Cover Television!

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