Deadline will make editorial space available so the SAG-AFTRA and WGA candidates for top offices can campaign here. Please send editors@deadline your materials. Esai Morales is running for SAG-AFTRA’s first sole National President and has sent the following video and message:

A Message From Esai Morales
Hollywood Local Membership1st Campaign Email

“I served on the National Board along side Esai and I know him to be a caring and dedicated person. I believe the SAG-AFTRA membership will be well served with Esai as our National President. I also know that Jane is a strong leader, with a solid business sense. With her National Board and committee experience, Jane is an excellent choice for SAG-AFTRA Secretary/Treasurer. Please support both Esai and Jane.” – ED HARRIS

“SAG-AFTRA can no longer function with a deficit. Fresh and business savvy ideas are needed to help bring SAG-AFTRA back into the black. I have those ideas.” – JANE AUSTIN

Each day, members are growing frustrated with the current state of affairs at SAG-AFTRA. The union is in a crisis and I believe I have the knowledge, experience and faith to help put SAG-AFTRA back on the right track.

1. Are you fed up with waiting up to 100 days to receive a residual check?

2. Are you puzzled by the fact our union has been operating with a multi-million dollar deficit since 2010?

3. Do stunt performers and background actors deserve their own SAG-AFTRA departments?

4. Are you wondering why, with the increasing amount of low budget films being produced, our pay-rate has remained flat?

5. Are you still having a tough time qualifying for health insurance?

6. If you do background work, are you suspicious and frustrated with the questionable behavior of some call-in services?

7. Do you believe there should be a dedicated seat for Background Performers on SAG-AFTRA’s National Board?

If you answered “YES” to any one of these questions, you are not alone.

Here are OUR answers:

1. Immediately hire part-time employees in the residual department to expedite the processing and mailing of checks to members within 30 days. And at the same, time we’ll investigate looking into long-term solutions.

2. Hire an independent accounting specialist to re-evaluate SAG-AFTRA’s finances, resources and expenditures.

3. Return the Stunt & Safety and Background departments to separate departments.

4. Increase the minimum pay-rate in SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Contracts.

5. Create a SAG-AFTRA P&H committee to explore realistic options to help members qualify for health insurance and pension credits and take those findings to the plans’ trustees.

6. Call for a thorough investigation, involving the city attorney’s office if necessary, regarding the questionable policies of some call-in services.

7. With support from the elected delegates in convention, a National Board seat for Background performers will be achieved.

Say “YES” to positive change. Say “YES” to securing a brighter future. Say “YES” to new leadership for SAG-AFTRA.

Say “YES” by voting for Jane Austin for SAG-AFTRA Secretary/Treasurer, the Membership1st Slate of Candidates and me for SAG-AFTRA National President.

With your support WE can make positive changes and put this union back on track.

In Solidarity,
Esai Morales

For more information about OUR plan for a stronger, more transparent and responsive SAG-AFTRA, please visit,

Vote Esai Morales for SAG-AFTRA National President
Vote Jane Austin for SAG-AFTRA Secretary/Treasurer
And the entire Membership1st slate of candidate.