Here’s what’s happening this summer with CBS’ Big Brother:

What The Reporters Who Cover Television are saying: This season’s Big Brother housemates are the most heinous, tossing out racial slurs like party favors, or we’re just paying more attention because it’s the Summer of Paula Deen and the George Zimmerman Trial. What viewers are hearing: Best season ever on Big Brother!

What’s resulting: Big Brother on Thursday was the night’s No. 1-ranked program in all key measures, according to early stats, delivering half a million more viewers than last week, and season highs in the 18-49 demo (a 2.3 rating, up 10% from previous week), 25-54 (2.8), and total viewers (6.7 million). It was the only show to break a 2 rating in 18-49 – the Holy Grail of Madison Ave — besides Fox’s Gordon Ramsay Behaving Badly Show, aka Hell’s Kitchen. Last night’s episode was down 5% week to week, though it tied Big Brother in the 18-34 demo.

The rest of you guysABC’s Wipeout (1.1, best performance since the end of May, which may be damning with faint praise), Motive (0.8), Rookie Blue (1.1), NBC’s The Winner Is… (0.9, lowest to date) and Hollywood Game Night (1.2) — you’re playing in the minor leagues.

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