The other shoe dropped on new The Meredith Vieira Show this morning when NBCUniversal officially announced it had sold the show to NBC’s 10 O&O stations. When the show was announced earlier this month we noted no pickups were announced, but that NBC’s station group had not committed to a new show to succeed freshman Jeff Probst, which did not get renewed, and would probably keep the 2 PM slot warm with temporary programming. Those 10 NBC-owned stations include WNBC in New York, KNBC in Los Angeles, and WMAQ in Chicago – the country’s three largest TV markets. Also on the list: WCAU Philadelphia, KXAS Dallas-Fort Worth, KNTV San Francisco, WRC Washington DC, WTVJ Miami, KNSD San Diego and WVIT Hartford. Together, they cover more than 27% of the nations’ TV households, which, as NBCUniversal Domestic TV Distribution bigwig Sean O’Boyle correctly noted in the announcement, is a great start for a show heading into the marketplace looking for distribution.