Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer reaped the benefit from a year when his company cashed in on hits including The Hunger Games and the Twilight saga: His compensation rose 95.3% to $12.6M according to the company proxy out today. (The package: $1.3M salary, $6M bonus, $3.6M stock awards, $1.5M non-equity incentives, and $184,535 in other compensation.) But it seemed to pale next to the take for Vice Chairman Michael Burns, who had to report four years worth of option awards valued at $14M. With that included, he ended  up with $28.2M, +406%. (The package: $970,962 salary, $4M bonus, $7.9M stock awards, $14M option awards, $1.3M non-equity incentives, and $33,484 other.) Lionsgate shares appreciated 70.8% in the fiscal year that ended in March. In making the awards, the board says it took into account the executives’ roles in integrating Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment; the increase in the stock price; sales of TV shows including Anger Management and Nashville; the early repayment of the Summit Entertainment term loan; and the performance of Hunger Games and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Lionsgate will hold its annual shareholders meeting September 10 in Toronto.