Jason Shuman and his Blue Star Entertainment filed the original $50 million lawsuit in April 2012, alleging that Anger Management producer Joe Roth reneged on an agreement with the consultant for work he had done for Roth’s Revolution Studios on developing Anger Management into a TV series for FX. Roth later countersued, asking the court to declare that Shuman’s consultant agreement had been terminated. According to papers filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court (read here), Roth and Shuman reached a settlement. The terms were not released. A trial in LA Superior Court was scheduled for next April.

Anger Management, which stars Charlie Sheen and is based on the 2003 feature film of the same name, is produced under the 90-10 model developed by Lionsgate subsidiary Debmar-Mercury, which assures a significant windfall from syndication sales if the series hits a ratings threshold in its initial 10-episode run. That threshold was met after the series’ solid debut (it was the most-watched primetime scripted comedy series premiere in cable history) and the series received a 90-episode back order in August.

Shuman claimed in his original suit that he helped develop the sitcom adaptation of the Ice Cube-starer Are We There Yet? and that he was the one who suggested Roth should pursue Debmar-Mercury’s so-called “Tyler Perry syndication model”. Are We There Yet was done with Debmar-Mercury, but Shuman contends that he wasn’t properly compensated for his work on the show, with a promise by Roth that he would “make it up” to him on the next film property they turn into a series. Shuman focused on Anger Management and in May 2011 signed a written producer agreement with Revolution for the project.

Anger Management is produced by Roth’s Revolution, Lionsgate TV, and Evolution Entertainment.