Either the use of ‘TOLDJA’ is a lovely homage to me (see left) or else someone’s infringing on Deadline’s trademark. Just kidding… The CBS/Warner Bros Television hit show Person Of Interest will be featured on nearly 40,000 limited edition collectible key cards at nearly 30 participating hotels throughout the San Diego area during the 2013 Comic-Con this month. Not surprising that the network and studio are sucking up to the show’s executive producer, Bad Robot Productions’ JJ Abrams, since he’s become a humongous draw because of directing both the new Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. Meanwhile POI itself  seems especially prophetic given all the national security surveillance news headlines right now. “There is no place that the Machine cannot access. It is now infiltrating your hotel room. You are most definitely being watched,” says the studio’s slogan. The collectibles will feature 2 separate designs, including one starring Reese and Finch (Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson). This marks the 6th consecutive year that Warner Bros has been the official Comic-Con hotel keycard sponsor and the first time that a single show has been selected. Person Of Interest holds its Comic-Con panel session on July 20, with executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman joined by members of the cast. The crime series finished the 2012–13 season as TV’s 3rd most-watched drama (behind only NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles), averaging 16.2M viewers per episode, a +12% increase above Season 1. The show’s Season 3 begins on September 24.