David Milch is close to returning to HBO‘s primetime. The writer behind HBO’s Deadwood, John From Cincinnati and Luck has another project that is close to a pilot green light at the pay cable network, where he is under a deal. HBO’s Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler addressed the project, which Milch is executive producing with Art and John Linson, during the network’s TCA session today. “It’s a look at a dynastic New York media family, a look at power, the complexity of modern urban life in a classic Milchian voice,” Plepler said. The script, winch has been in the works for a while, “may go into production soon and we’re talking casting,” Lombardo said. I’ve learned that Justin Chadwick is attached to direct the potential pilot for the project, which is titled The Money.

One thing The Money or any new HBO project won’t feature — animals in a prominent role. “We learned our lesson” with Luck, which was scrapped after multiple horses used on the show died, Lombardo said. “That was a tough experience.”

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