The search giant is quizzing traditional programmers about possible licensing terms — just as Intel, Sony and Apple have — The Wall Street Journal says citing “people familiar with the matter.” Google has even demonstrated its planned service, says one witness. But the company is running into the same problems that other tech providers face: Content owners continue to offer their best prices to existing cable and satellite services, which would make it difficult — possibly impossible — for an Internet rival to be competitive. The story notes that Google, and other potential online TV services, likely would have to offer the same bundles of channels that consumers have to order from cable and satellite. The tech companies hope that they can win customers by providing a slick user interface — but at the recent National Cable Show several operators including Comcast demonstrated big advancements in the look of their services. Google owns YouTube and has cable-like broadband and TV systems in Kansas City, with plans to expand to Austin, Tex. and Provo, Utah.