The man who brought you the song you never really need to hear again has left CAA to join WME. The agency, which will rep Psy in all markets outside Korea, said late Tuesday that it “will work to expand his musical endeavors and pursue opportunities across all entertainment platforms, including film, television, endorsements, books and digital media”. The Korean pop sensation took the planet by storm last year with “Gangnam Style,” whose official video debuted a year ago yesterday en route to becoming became the first clip in YouTube history to pass 1 billion views. And counting. The video now has been viewed a lasso-fraying 1.75 billion times. The singer-rapper’s follow-up clip, “Gentleman”  — which again features plenty of synchronized dancing but thankfully eschews the giddyup thing — also set a YouTube standard with 38 million views during its first 24 hours in April. It’s likely to hit a half-billion views before long. More recently Psy has been featured in a serious of TV spots for the Korean Tourism Organization. The oddly bespectacled and carefully coiffed continues to be managed by Justin Bieber-fied Scooter Braun Projects.