Diane Haithman contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage

Homeland executive producer Howard Gordon this morning called the nomination of Henry Bromell for the intense “Q&A” episode of Showtime’s political drama the “sweetest moment” of the Emmy nominations. “It was a terrible loss,” he said of executive producer Bromell’s death in March of a heart attack at 66.

In an earlier interview, executive producer Alex Gansa called the “Q&A” episode “the heart of Season 2. It’s the episode where Clare has to turn Brody, to deprogram him. They’re in a windowless room together, hashing out the truth. The interrogation was originally written as three separae sequences, but Henry, the actors and director Lesli Linka Glatter decided to shoot it in one continuous scene. The first take lasted 26 minutes. It became this chamber piece, a play.” He added: “Henry was the humanist heart of our writing room. I don’t think anyone else could have found so much vulnerability is what was basically a procedural scene between a CIA officer and a terrorist. Henry could really drill down to the heart of a show — this relationship between two very damaged people in a post 9/11 world.”

Bromell had been a member of Homeland‘s writing-producing staff since the beginning of the Fox21-produced CIA drama, first as a consulting producer, and shared in its best series Emmy win last year. In his work on the suspense drama, Bromell drew on some personal experience — his father worked for the CIA. His previous TV writing credits included working on the critically acclaimed Homicide: Life On The Streets, Brotherhood, I’ll Fly Away and Rubicon.

Said Gansa: “I think “Q&A” echoes Henry’s time on Homicide, a brilliant show that always seemed to deal with violence in this very unexpected, disarming way. We were so lucky to have Henry’s voice on Homeland for two seasons and miss him terribly.”