A trio of sex with minors cases against former Sesame Street puppeteer Kevin Clash were dismissed today based on the statute of limitations. A U.S District judge ruled Monday that Clash’s accusers had six years to file claims against the Elmo voicer and all missed the deadline. Judge John Koeltl wrote that claims by the trio that they were unaware until last year of the psychological and emotional effects of what happened simply didn’t make sense. “They were aware of the facts that while minors, the defendant had engaged in sexual activities with them in violation of one or more federal statutes,” noted the NY-based federal judge in a 28-page opinion and order (read it here) “For the reasons explained above, the defendant’s motion to dismiss is granted. The Clerk is directed to enter judgment and to close these cases,” the judge added. The cases dismissed today were from Cecil Singleton, who said he had contact with Clash in 2003, Kevin Kiadii, who claimed an affair in 2004, and a John Doe who alleged that the puppeteer flew him to Florida for encounters back in the 1990s. The trio could still appeal. Clash left Sesame Street last November when allegations of a sexual relation with a minor first emerged.