UPDATE, 10:40 AM: “Suffice it to say, nothing is going to happen that you will notice,” Rush Limbaugh said today in response to a Politico story that says Cumulus plans to drop his syndicated show, as well as one from Sean Hannity. Limbaugh assured listeners that “you will be able to get this radio program on as many, if not more radio stations down the road than it is on now.” He says he “must use proper business restraint” in discussing his talks even though “negotiations have been taken public by one side.” One day “I am looking forward to detailing all of this for you,” he says. But however things play out, he told fans, “I want to assure you: everything’s cool.”

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY PM: Cumulus Media may beat Rush Limbaugh to the punch. A source tells Politico the broadcaster is planning not to renew its contracts with Limbaugh and conservative host Sean Hannity following negotiation breakdowns with Clear Channel’s Premiere Networks, which distributes both shows. In May Limbaugh reportedly mulled leaving Cumulus after receiving blame for advertiser decline in the wake of his controversial Sandra Fluke comments. Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey told Bloomberg TV at the time that “we have the premier talk distribution platform in the business and if you want to be on a big stage in this game, you need to be on our stations in the largest markets. They’re the biggest signals, the heritage brands and everybody knows that.”