Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were never scheduled to appear in person at Sherlock’s debut Comic-Con panel but they showed up anyway – via video. Both actors filmed short shout-outs to the very loud jam packed Ballroom 20 of the San Diego Convention Center. “Make sure you really scream and shout and ask them lots of belligerent questions,” quipped Freeman to the fans about the in-person panel of co-creators/EPs Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and producer Sue Vertue. Working on a Peter Jackson’s still filming sequel, Freeman was in full Hobbit makeup and shades in his clip. The just Emmy-nominated Cumberbatch on the other hand was more casually dressed in his pre-taped appearance. After joking that he was doing a junket for Star Trek Into Darkness and other projects before talking about Sherlock, the vacationing actor launched into a long edited mimed play on how the character survived the fall he took in the Season 2 ender and what it’s like to play a modern version of Holmes. “It’s more fun making than watching,” Cumberbatch also told the crowd as he thanked the fans for watching and showing up. The BBC show, seen here on PBS, has currently finished two episodes of its upcoming Season 3 and about to start on a third.

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After pleas from Vertue of no one to film it, the panel also showed a clip from the second show of the upcoming season. The clip consisted of Cumberbatch/Holmes delivering a best man speech at Freeman/Watson’s wedding and how the detective was asked to do the honors. Heavy on the comedy, the nearly 5 minute scene certainly got big laughs and a standing ovation from the audience. “Imagine if he solved a crime,” joked Moffat to the response. 

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Typically keeping any tips of future episodes and seasons close to their respective chests, the panel did reveal that Sherlock’s sibling Mycroft Holmes, played by Gatiss, would return. Otherwise it was slim Sherlock spoiler pickings, though Moffat did venture a Sherlock film could happen. “It’s an interesting thought,” Moffat said, “but we’d never want to do something that reduced the quality of the show.” Moffat, who is also the EP of Dr. Who, was also unresponsive if that show could see a woman taking over as the Time Lord in the next series. Dr. Who has its 50th anniversary panel on July 21 in Hall H. Back to Sherlock, the panel was asked if Season 3 would have a cliffhanger ending like Season 2 did. “You’ll watch it and say ‘they wouldn’t stop it there, would they?’ “ teased Moffat about another cliffhanger season ending for Sherlock’s third cycle. All agreed the show will go on. “As long as everyone wants to keep doing it, we’ll keep doing it,” added a more serious Vertue. The new season premieres in early 2014.