It was a wake for a serial killer as Comic-Con bid farewell to Dexter tonight in the huge Hall H. With the confab fave and Showtime flagship series in its eighth and final season, producers and cast said they still haven’t gotten their heads around the show being over. “I don’t think everyone has processed it yet,” executive producer Sara Colleton said today. “I don’t think it’s hit any of us that it is over,” she added. Panelists revealed that filming on the last episode wrapped last week. Dexter Morgan himself, Michael C. Hall, said he didn’t think the end of the show would hit him for at least six months. Having said that, despite numerous probing attempts from the audience in their questions, nothing was really revealed about how the show will end. What was revealed is that Dexter is going to be on sale this fall. It was announced from the panel that the final season of Dexter would be available on DVD and Blu-ray on November 5, as will a full-series box set. Season 8 debuted June 30 on Showtime with a record-breaking 2.4 million viewers. The premiere continued Dexter’s unbroken season opener ratings growth since its 2006 debut. “In 25 years there will be a new series called Harrison and Dexter will have died and I will be his dead internalized father,” joked Hall to the almost-standing-room-only hall about a spinoff series based on the character’s son.

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The panel started off with a video retrospective of the show and its history with Comic-Con. While not there in person, John Lithgow, who played the Trinity Killer starting in Season 4, also sent a video greeting to the audience. “I wish I could be there with you today, but as you know I am dead,” he joked. “A day doesn’t go by where someone doesn’t recognize me as psychopath, and I have you to thank for that,” Lithgow added, drawing a big laugh.

In addition to Hall and Colleton, EP Clyde Phillips and current cast members Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, and Desmond Harrington — making his Comic-Con debut — were there along with Yvonne Strahovski, Erik King, Julie Benz and other actors who were on the show. Strahovski, who joined the series in Season 7 as Hannah McKay, let it slip that her return to the show later this season would her character get “revenge” on Dexter over the death of her murderous former lover. The panel ended with all onstage offering their final thoughts about working on Dexter and its relationship with Comic-Con. “Dexter came out at a time with Comic-Con attracting more than just comic book fans, and we wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for that fact,” an emotional Hall told the crowd. His remarks were followed by a standing ovation.