Elijah Wood may have been physically absent from Comic-Con, but he made an appearance nonetheless via satellite from LA to front a lively Wilfred panel presentation moderated by Deadline’s own Dominic Patten. Wood, who’s currently filming the rabid kids horror comedy Cooties, joined a Wilfred crew including creator/star Jason Gann, exec producer David Zuckerman, writer Eli Jorne, and co-stars Fiona Gubelmann and Dorian Brown. Gann co-created the Australian original of the same name which ran for two seasons. The US version debuted in 2011 on FX and is currently in its third season with Wood starring as Ryan, a young man who attempts suicide before tending to his neighbor’s dog (Gann, who plays the eponymous Wilfred in a dog suit). Gann said he only now feels like they’ve finally broken through in Wilfred’s development. “The character now it feels like we found him and it doesn’t always have to be dog stuff,” he said. “It’s the subtleties in these dog-isms – and also, he’s just Wilfred. This is the first year when we were shooting that I thought this character could continue. It’s not just dog jokes.” Psychological questions were top of mind for fans in a Q&A session, where writer Jorne played coy with answers. “Is [Ryan] getting better or is he getting worse? We always want to keep you guessing. Wood, however, offered a hint. “The existence of Wilfred is up for interpretation,” he said. “I think he’s a part of Ryan’s psyche, so to put it in those terms id to ego makes sense… So yeah, I think he’s a figment of his imagination. Maybe.”