BAFTA and industry training group Rocliffe have selected eight TV comedy writers they deem to be the UK’s most promising, and they’re taking them on the road. Three of the scripters will head to the Edinburgh TV Festival in August and the other five will go to the New York TV Festival in October where their works will be performed by professional actors. The BBC will also pay for a full script commission from one of the writers selected for Edinburgh. The initiative hails from the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum, now in its third year of bringing talent to New York. It’s adding Edinburgh for the first time. The writers were chosen from a pool of about 500 candidates by a jury that included Jessica Hynes (Twenty Twelve), Caryn Mandabach (Nurse Jackie), Tom Anderson (Cheers), and reps from the major UK broadcasters. Click over for a round-up of the scripters and their projects:

In Edinburgh:
Christiana Brockbank – Binwomen
Synopsis: A sitcom about Janet, a compulsive hoarder who works on the bins alongside wannabe ambulance driver (Christina) and inept newcomer (Nigel).

Andrea Hubert & Ryan Cull – The Sickness
Synopsis: When a catastrophe known as ‘The Sickness’ wipes out humanity, tribes of warring UK survivors struggle to navigate life without religion, money – or rules.

In New York:
Stewart Thomson – Skwibs
Synopsis: The story of Francis Falkirk, a Scottish medium and spiritual detective on a mission to release the spirits of the restless dead.

Lizzie Bates & Anna Emerson – New Habits
Synopsis: When Sister Adie decides she’s quitting the convent, Jules helps her get to grips with life as a single woman in the big city.

Brona C. Titley & Tony Cooke – Nannies
Synopsis: Maisie and four other under paid, overworked child minders on her exclusive London street, are paid to parent the next generation of the ridiculously rich.