UPDATED, 8:50 AM: ABC News continues to land blows against NBC News in the ratings. For the first time in nearly four years,  ABC World News Tonight edge out NBC Nightly News in key news demographics two times in a single week. It happened last week — final ratings for the week came in this morning —  and follows  a 10-week period in which ABC‘s newscast beat NBC‘s once a week on five occasions, with head-to-head regular telecasts — always on a Friday night. But the week of July 14, ABC News‘s demo wins happened on Monday and Tuesday. The gap between the two newscasts in the key age bracket stood at just 95,000 viewers for the week. On Monday, ABC’s newcast logged 2.009 million viewers in the demo, to NBC’s 1.972 million. Tuesday ABC averaged 1.891 million and NBC 1.820 million. It’s the first time in three years and 10 months ABC’s newscast has edged out NBC’s twice in one week in the age bracket.

For a fifth consecutive week ABC’s newscast cut its year-to-year demo gap with NBC’s by double digits – last week by 40 percent. Season to date, ABC World News is posting its smallest gap with NBC Nightly News in five years.