UPDATE: I hear that Harmon’s deal to return to Community is not done, and negotiations actually hit a snag yesterday but expectations are that things will be worked out and he will indeed officially come back. The deal with McKenna also has not been completed yet.

PREVIOUS: In response to a request on Twitter to “give us a straight answer,” Dan Harmon tweeted today, “Yes yes yes! I’m back I’m back I’m back. You can thank @joelmchale.” And then this tweet: “Here are my “deal breakers” coming back to Community: Rhonda Robinson on props. Denise Pizzini on design. Ruthie Aslan in post. Tell Sony.” Followed by this: “Also I would very much like it if @joelmchale @yvettenbrown @GillianJacobs @alisonbrie @dannypudi and @DonaldGlover were somehow involved.” As we reported at the time of NBC’s eleventh-hour renewal of Community, there had been interest in bringing back the series creator for what I heard was expected to be the final 13-episode season of the cult comedy. (It is not on NBC‘s fall schedule). Then I learned on Tuesday that both Harmon and key former Community writer-producer Chris McKenna were approached about rejoining the show for its final chapter. Harmon is currently unattached, while McKenna is under an overall deal at NBC sibling Universal TV. McKenna served as co-executive producer on the Sony TV-produced Community for its first three seasons, then left last May to move to Universal TV. Creator/executive producer Harmon was replaced as showrunner by David Guarascio and Moses Port a couple of weeks later. I heard Guarascio and Port had a one-year deal and were approached about coming back but opted to move on. Harmon’s tweets today prompted Gillian Jacobs to refer back to a Community season two episode, “Welcome back, @danharmon! E Pluribus Anus!” No official announcements yet from Sony TV or NBC about Harmon or McKenna and Community.

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