EXCLUSIVE: Thunder Road has acquired No Quarter, a spec script by The Messenger scribe Alessandro Camon and Michael Wilson that will be produced by Thunder Road’s Basil Iwanyk and Michael De Luca. No Quarter is a contemporary crime story that touches on the themes of the military and the difficulty of reintegrating back into society after serving as a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those were themes in The Messenger. Set in Los Angeles in 2007, two friends who were combat Marines and side by side survived some of the toughest fighting in the Iraq War, find themselves on opposite sides of the law. One becomes a star cop in an elite undercover unit while the other gets into a heist crew involved with a drug cartel. These men, who once depended on each other for survival, see their friendship and loyalties put to the test.

Both Iwanyk and De Luca got the material and sparked to it. They’d been looking for an excuse to collaborate, and found this a good one. Camon, who co-wrote The Messenger with Oren Moverman, was nominated for an Oscar for that script. He recently wrote The Brand for Kimberly Peirce to direct, and is working on Benghazi, a miniseries for Spike TV and Pilgrim Studios. Wilson has a background in military and intelligence operations and was a consulting producer on Burn Notice, the USA Network show about a former intelligence operator. Camon and Wilson previously collaborated on the TV pilot Cartel for Working Title TV. Original Artists brokered the deal.