EXCLUSIVE: It’s good that Will Sasso has landed the title role in a movie, but I’m led to wonder why so many film companies press forward with naughty titles knowing full well they will never make it to the screen because newspapers and TV can’t run the advertising. Sasso, most recently seen as Curly in the Farrelly Brothers-directed The Three Stooges, has signed to star opposite David Koechner in director Andrew Currie’s suburban comedy feature My Asshole Neighbor. Sasso will portray Jerry, a loud, rude redneck who moves next door to a professional mediator Paul (Koechner), turning his world upside down. Once his private little patch of peaceful suburbia is invaded, the usually peace-loving Paul finds himself waging war on Jerry — which ultimately begs the questions, who’s really the asshole, and which sphincter will prevail? Produced by Mary Anne Waterhouse, the film will shoot mid-August in Vancouver.

Sasso also just finished writer-director Ricky Blitt’s dark romantic comedy Hit By Lightning opposite Jon Cryer and Stephanie Szostak. Aside from his Stooges turn, Sasso has starred in Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, Drop Dead Gorgeous, College Road Trip, Southland Tales and Life As We Know It. To me his highlight turn came when he was the neck-snapping Steven Seagal in the Mad TV skits.

Back to the title nonsense. We see this from time to time, and I imagine it starts with screenwriters trying to be different with their titles. The latest example of a title that will likely never be used was He’s F#ckin’ Perfect, the Lauryn Kahn Black List comedy script that moved from Fox 2000 to Universal. They’ve cleverly changed the spelling, but will My A-Hole Neighbor be enough of a title change to make it OK? Sasso, who just returned to APA from Paradigm, is also repped by D2 Management. Here’s a look at one of Sasso’s Seagal skits: