EXCLUSIVE: Well, it didn’t take long to find out where New Myth will be finding the money to make tentpole-sized movies. A group of investors and distributors led by New Myth and Toonz Entertainment Pte Ltd have launched Epiphany, a $200 million film fund that intends to strategically build a content platform and invest in a slate of event films with an eye toward global appeal. Epiphany aims to get involved as producer and co-financier of franchise films with major studios. It starts with New Myth and Toonz and also in the investor group is European distributor A-Company, an affiliate of AR Film in Russia.

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New Myth is a Hollywood-based production company founded by principals Tom DeSanto, David Ranes, Grace Oppenheimer and Wayne Duband. Epiphany will co-finance its projects. Toonz is one of the largest animation and VFX studios in Asia, and it has worked with Marvel, Hasbro and Hallmark to become one of Asia’s biggest animation suppliers.Epiphany is advised by Premila Hoon of Entertainment Advisers, the structuring agent, adviser and arranger. Hoon previously was Global Head of Media & Entertainment at Société Générale and led a number of major film financing transactions including the $570m financing transaction for Dune Entertainment, the $200m financing for Cold Spring Pictures and the $242m financing for the acquisition of the Hallmark television channels.