EXCLUSIVE: Producers Bob DeBrino (Find Me Guilty), Gray Fredrickson (The Godfather), Sally Lear and Goodfellas writer-producer Nicholas Pileggi are taking a shot at making the definitive film on mobster Lucky Luciano. They’ve optioned The Last Testament Of Lucky Luciano, a book by Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer that the producers feel is the only bio the Gotham gangster authorized and collaborated on with the writers. They interviewed Luciano while he lived in exile in Naples, Italy, and Luciano met with Gosch at Naples airport, where he was given the completed manuscript of his story. During their meeting Luciano died from an unexpected heart attack, clutching the story of his life in his hands. Members of the underworld and law enforcement question, “Was it a heart attack, or was he silenced before he could tell his story.”And what a story Luciano had to tell. Beyond his rise in organized crime, he agreed to help the U.S. government that put him behind bars for promoting prostitution. His gang controlled the New York docks, and when the feds suspected that the Nazis were using spies to discover ship movements on the East Coast, Luciano got his troops to put a stop to the intel. Later, he was asked to reach out to his contacts with mob leaders in Sicily when the allies were planning to invade and needed intel on Nazi troop movement to aid Gen. George Patton’s Third Division. Luciano helped, and the mission was a success. His contact, Sicily mob boss Calogero Vizzini, was made an honorary colonel of the U.S. Army. What did Luciano get? A commuted sentence on condition that he be deported to Italy. He never got back to the U.S. until he died and was buried in New York.