Legendary Pictures boss Thomas Tull said today that he expects to have a decision in “the next 60 days, the end of the summer” on whether his company will renew its production deal with Warner Bros or move to another studio. “We’re going through a process and we’re talking to everyone, including [Warner Bros]; it’s a process that is big in scope,” Tull said diplomatically during a show-and-tell media session in Hollywood. “If we end up staying with them, great. If it turns out it’s time for a new chapter, I will be grateful for our time with them”. As for a prospective new home, Tull said: “We’ve got it down to a handful, but I don’t want to disrespect anyone by saying who yet.” Tull and Legendary have been with Warner Bros for 10 years, teaming on such lucrative pics as Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, The Hangover movies and the latest Superman reboot Man Of Steel. Tull indicated that regardless of the outcome, the company wanted more independence. “Developing and owning our own stuff has been part of our plan for a while,” the Legendary CEO said.

Still, Tull had kind words for WB’s new boss today during the press conference that featured clips from its upcoming films including Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim and 300: Rise Of An Empire. “Kevin is a very smart guy, a straight shooter,” he said of recently installed Warner Bros Entertainment CEO Kevin Tsujihara. “From my perspective, whether we’re with them or not, Warner Bros has a brighter future under his leadership”. Not that there isn’t more WB in Legendary’s near future: On Monday, Legendary brought former WB TV head honcho Bruce Rosenblum on board to run their nearly shuttered TV division. The company also has several films coming out with WB including this summer’s Pacific Rim and Seventh Son.

Tull on Tuesday also showed clips from  Pacific Rim, 300: Rise Of An Empire and Seventh Son (starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore) as well as a greeting from Godzilla director Gareth Edwards and Michael Mann, who has just started a cyber thriller for Legendary. Mann was silent on what his film was about except to say “it starts with soy futures and goes to cyber terrorism.” Tull also talked about the upcoming Warcraft, directed by Source Code’s Duncan Jones, as well as teasing new projects So Above/So Below, which deals with 5.9 million bodies buried under Paris; and Spectral, a modern war movie about contemporary soldiers versus ghosts.