Looks like Jimmy Lishman really did meet his fate at the end of Season 3 of Shameless. Executive Producer John Wells revealed last night at a panel at the TV Academy that Justin Chatwin, who has played Lishman since Season 1, would not be coming back to the Showtime show for the fourth season as a series regular. However, there might be more Jimmy. Showtime has confirmed that Chatwin might return for future episodes in some as yet undetermined capacity. Well’s confirmation of the death of the character was much of a surprise after what was implied in April at the end of the last season. Chatwin’s reformed conman character was last shown being hauled on to a boat by drug dealers in a distinctly unfriendly manner. Though the love interest to female lead Emmy Rossum’s Fiona Gallagher character, Lishman had married a drug kingpin’s daughter so she could stay in America legally. Showtime renewed Shameless for a fourth season back in January. The new season is expected to air in 2014.