The companies are playing hardball on renewal terms for the retransmission consent contract that expires Sunday night. If they fail to reach an agreement then it could affect a little more than 500,000 Time Warner Cable customers, including fans of NBC programming in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Palm Springs; CBS viewers in Omaha; and MyNetworkTV watchers in Green Bay and Palm Springs. The cable company “has refused to reach a fair, market-based deal to carry our stations,” Journal Communications tells its viewers on a website. The company adds that it seeks “a modest increase in fees” from its three-year-old agreement, a period during which “much has changed, including programming and sports content.” Journal’s proposed fees “are less than 3% of what Time Warner charges a typical subscriber for service.” But TWC spokesman Jon Gary Herrera says the broadcaster’s terms are “outrageous” and include a “more than a 200% increase for the same programming they deliver over the air for free.” The cable company accounts for about 22% of Journal Communications’ viewers, according to SNL Kagan.